We at Acronym Investment operate as an I-71 compliant consulting firm specializing in branding, marketing, and business development.  We primarily serve clients across the Washington, D.C. legal cannabis industry.

In January of 2020, we launched our signature brand, Georgetown Kushcakes, after recognizing the underserved demand for ultra-premium confectioneries.  Georgetown Kushcakes quickly established a distinct foothold in the market, providing the highest quality edibles available through strategic partnerships with local expert chefs, top-tier ingredient sourcing, innovative production methods, and meticulous attention to detail.

Moved by the incredible traction of GTKC, Acronym Investment (AI) quickly mobilized to develop brands in new segments of the DC cannabis market such as cartridges and tinctures, which distinctly lacked a “gold standard”. AI has since developed 8 unique brands bridging the cannabis market. AI is now leveraging these brands across the world through strategic partnerships to grow our brands into household names.