George Bartz

Chief Marketing Officer


George Bartz is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Acronym Investment. With his expertise in design and branding, George leads the company’s efforts to help its portfolio of companies and partners enhance their branding and marketing to reach their target audiences and drive revenue.

When he’s not busy working, George loves to immerse himself in music and go to concerts. He also enjoys traveling to tropical destinations and coming up with the next million-dollar idea.

Throughout his career, George has built a reputation for his execution skills and ability to get things done. He’s worked with clients across all industries, from startups to large corporations, and has successfully launched strategic omnichannel marketing campaigns.

George enjoys collaborating with multiple teams and is passionate about helping clients achieve their marketing goals. As Acronym Investment’s CMO, he’s committed to driving the company’s marketing strategy and ensuring that the portfolio of companies and partners succeed in their branding and marketing efforts.

With his technical expertise, passion for digital experiences, and dedication to delivering results, George is ready to get started on your next project.