James Yuschik

Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder


James Yuschik is a co-founder and acting CFO of Acronym Investment. a leading investment firm, bringing a wealth of financial expertise to the company with his degree from Cornell University.

With extensive knowledge of industry trends and regulations, James oversees the financial management of the company, identifies and manages risks, manages investor relations, ensures compliance with regulations, and leads mergers and acquisitions activities. He is skilled in financial modeling and presenting the company’s financial performance to potential investors.

James is also passionate about implementing internal controls to prevent fraud and financial mismanagement, ensuring that Acronym Investment complies with all applicable laws and regulations related to accounting, taxation, and financial reporting.

Outside of work, James loves to ski, golf, and travel to tropical destinations. He’s a hockey all-star and referees semi-pro leagues, always up for a challenge both on and off the ice. With his dynamic leadership and expertise in financial management, James is a valuable asset to the Acronym Investment team.

Cornell University graduate specializing in FP&A and operational finance. Resident expert in strategic development, contract services, data analytics and financial modeling.