Kevin Wallace

Chief Revenue Officer


Kevin Wallace is a dynamic and accomplished sales professional, currently serving as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Acronym Investment – a powerhouse investment firm. As the CRO, Kevin is responsible for developing and executing sales strategies that ensure the company’s overall success and growth.

Kevin’s exceptional career history spans across various industries, including programmatic advertising and systems monetization management. In his history as a sales professional, Kevin created an impressive 6-figure revenue pipeline within just 90 days smashing the initial sales goal by a whopping 175%. Meanwhile, as an initiative taker, Kevin’s self-sourced revenue pipeline generated a staggering 6-7 figures quarterly, and he has closed millions in RFPs.

Not content with being a sales superstar, Kevin has also made significant contributions to the event management and logistics space. As the Head of Events, Logistics, and Community at Ghost Gaming, he delivered innovative activations with high-profile special interest groups such as Microsoft, Midboss, and GaymerX.

Kevin’s expertise, combined with his unwavering dedication and outstanding sales results, has made him an indispensable part of Acronym Investment’s leadership team. He holds a plethora of Data, Business, and Mental Health certifications, and his extensive experience has led to his continued success in driving revenue growth and executing successful sales strategies.